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Our mission, to be the first company to come to mind should you require a repair, colour change, improvement or modification.
R2Ecyclers Inc. Is mainly a best Electronic Recycling Company/Center, located in Montgomery IL- a Chicago Subburb. We are mainly focused on old electronic Technology product recycling but are not limited to this. We do provide services of recycling for various metal products. Electronic waste Products we recycle are free mostly. However certain items we pay if it is reusable. There are certain items that we charge to dispose to comply with environmental requirements of the city and State. We do provide the recycling services to several States and Cities in USA.When your Electronic equipment cannot be reused, we are near for you. R2Ecyclers Inc. Specializes in corporate e-waste recycling, providing a safe/secure and environmental-friendly way to get rid of your bulk legacy e-waste. Rather than stuffing’s of landfills or incinerating Martials (which releases harmful toxins into the atmosphere) contactR2Ecyclers Inc. To recycle e-wastes gear the safe and smart way. That is why we are R2 certified, and a lot of other electronic recycling companies are not with.
Alene Shemie financial advisor business manager
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