January 21, 2021

Corona’s economic impact: Karachi garments factory expels more than 100 employees

The economic impact of the Corona virus began to emerge, with the Karachi site’s garment factory removing more than 100 employees

Employees say they have been working in the factory for many years, where they are now expelled.

It is to be noted that the Sindh government has shut down lockdown across Sindh from March 23 to prevent the spread of the Corona virus which will continue till April 14.

In the meantime it will be reviewed whether the lockdown has to be further tightened or softened, though the number and casualties of coronavirus cases across Sindh, including Sindh, are steadily increasing.

The Government of Sindh has also declared that unless the Coronavirus is controlled and the lockdown situation remains in place, no company will cut employees’ salaries nor remove employees from their jobs.

Yesterday, Education Minister Sindh Saeed Ghani, who himself was the victim of the Coronavirus, said that he had set up a complaint cell to redress the grievances of those who were being fired during the lockdown.

The Sindh government has also issued a decree protecting workers’ salaries and jobs, under which no industrial company will be able to evacuate a worker during the lockdown and his salary will not be deducted.

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