About Us

About JA Carlton:

With almost 25 years in health care I was fortunate enough to find my ‘callings’ early on in life.

I say “callings” because like many people I’ve had a wide variety of interests throughout my life, I’ve just been lucky enough that most of them have fallen into the same general category.

As a child the desire to heal with touch, from a pat on the shoulder to gentle massaging to full-on hugs was undeniable. There was that same sense of helplessness we all experience at one time or another when someone was hurt, but my inability to ‘make it better’ was beyond frustrating.

It was often questioned in my family why I didn’t go into medicine to become a doctor, but to my mind that wasn’t “healing” that was just “fixing”. And the idea of nursing wasn’t right for me either, nurses didn’t have enough authority or influence within the system to help in the way most of them are driven to. So, without a clear direction, and in order to protect myself from others’ pain and my own helplessness to stop it, I joined an electronic technician program where I promptly realized that even though I was the only one in the family who could program both the clock on the VCR as well as program it to record, that I wasn’t going to cut it in electronics, (all my circuits blew up).

So, I returned to the source of my first and deepest curiosities, the human machine.